Tuesday, April 28, 2009

stealing kisses

im not a musican. im not completely knowledgeable about the inner workings. i don't remember the names of each album or their bass players name. i don't memorize every word to every popular band. i don't read those sites that state their opinion of every indie no namer. i sing off key most of the time. but music is a word that means so much more to me, like the word widow. i get goose bumps and chills listening to adam pasion which can be viewed above, and the beautiful angi lemucchi. music moves through me. the lyrics penetrate me. my blood bubbles, and my mind is engaged. im thoroughly in love with broken social scene. they inspire me. its blissful. music has always been able to do this for me. my muse. my energy. my ability to dance alone. these things i love.

above are images i took at a local show: troubadour, angi lemucchi, metabear, and adam pasion.
to view more of the photos from this night click click click


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