Sunday, April 5, 2009

present tense

so of course i am engaged in my current read.
i am loving all that i learn. heres something that has been thought provoking for me the past week or so::

prayer= me communicating to the divine [whatever that may be for you, God for me]

meditation=the divine communicating to me [allowing myself to be impressed upon. i like to create the analogy of photography film. i put myself in a 'sensitive' position so that the light (the divine) may touch, commnicate, or show unto me its message]

"I found an article in The New York Times recently about a team of neurologists who had wired up a volunteer Tibetian monk for experimental brain-scanning. They wanted to see what happens to a transcendent mind, scientifically speaking, during moments of enlightenment. In the mind of a normal thinking person, an electrical storm of thoughts and impulses whirls constantly, registering on a brain scan as yellow and red flashes. The more energy or impassioned the subject becomes, the hotter and deeper those red flashes burn. But mystics across time and cultures have all described a stilling of the brain during meditation, and say that the ultimate union with God is a blue light which they can feel radiating from the center of their skulls. In Yogic tradition, this is called "the blue pearl", and is the goal of every seeker to find it. Sure enough, the Tibetian monk, monitored during meditation, was able to quiet his mind so completely tha no red or yellow flashes could be seen. In fact, all the neurological energy of this gentleman pooled and collected at last into the center of his brain--you could see it happening right there on the monitor--into a small, cool, blue pearl of light. Just like the Yogis have always described." --Elizabeth Gilbert Eat, Pray, Love

tight. im on the quest to quiet my mind. india anyone???

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