Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the lovebug

i just read this article in yahoo news about a couple that was married for 67 years and died just 6 hours apart from one another.

i just melt and want to cry and know the ache in needing to be near your spouse.

there is a couple that comes in to my work and sits in my section at least once a week. they're polite and sweet and very very old. the man has a cane, and the woman barely moves. and when i bring her her lasagna and him, his minestrone, he takes 4 minutes to get up with his cane, shuffles to her side of the table, and cuts up her lasagna for her.

im about to cry. this is so sweet. and i wish i had a better word than sweet. romantic, selfless, devoted, loving, tender. so wonderful.

it makes me smile and have hope. i hope there are still men like this left in the world.

i saw at a different table, a woman feeding her husband that was handicaped in a wheel chair. she wiped salad from off his lap. and i know the love that these people feel for each other. needing each other. serving each other.

nothing has ever been so real and sincere.

i smile knowing some day i'll be lucky enough to share that again.

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