Wednesday, April 1, 2009

glass secrets

photography to me is like playing on a playground for a 7 year old.

like my aunt kathy's homemade chocolate cake with sprinkles. like finishing a marathon. like brushing cheeks with the one you love. like dancing to your favorite song. like scoring in the last minute of the game. like laughing until you cry.

an ultimate bliss. i love the sun. i love the weight of my camera in my hand. i love realizing i'm smiling while i'm shooting.

the color green makes me ecstatic tonight.

Above is a witness of love. captured in my camera.
Danielle and Jim are a merrily engaged couple that I am stoked to have met. They're incredibly fun and terribly adorable. and I am super excited to travel to Utah for their June wedding. hip pip horray! that means i get to grub at great harvest! =D so here's just a couple of their images, im only half done--but they're like a secret, i just couldn't hold them in.

good night my loves.

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