Monday, August 2, 2010

homemade spice girl concerts

remember when you were ten and life was easy?

remember when you had no concept of what time it was
or how much money you had
or how you would eat that day

remember when you could just play and play and never get tired
or when you thought you would be the one to change the world

today, i wish i was ten
i wish i didn't have to think about my growing student loans
or rebugeting every month to prepare for christmas (thats a whole other tangent)
or what i needed to cook for dinner
or what load of laundry needed washing by when
or about exercising more
or about all the things im not doing
or about finding a dumb husband (p.s. the finding is the dumb part---- trust me i can find plenty of dumb ones)
or following a planner
or what i should/want to become

normally i love to make lists of goals and i get all pumped
but lately it's like this:: goal—do whatever to stay alive throughout the day
maybe cause i don't really know what im doing with my life right now.
end of desiree being sad about being an adult.
i just wanna be ten and roller blade behind a bike with a jump rope tied to it, then sprint inside and have some cherry kool-aid

is that too much to ask?


The Lowry Family said...

I freakin love you des! All is well and I'll ride the bike if you put the rollerblades on! I'll go for cherry coke when you grab your kool-aid! Come to the desert and we'll play!

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

AHHH i <3 you !!
i'll have to make a trip down there!
find someone thats getting married so i can shoot down there hahaa =]
at least around xmas time we should see each other right?

Tiana said...

I fall more and more in love with you everyday...
I'm so glad you have the wit and creativity to to express what is going on in my own jumbled head. We will be fabulous one day lover buns, belieedat (black people talk for "don't stop believing")!

Mom said...

I will make kool-aid for you when you are home in two weeks.

And p.s. your uncertainty is normal. You can't fix normal. It's how it's supposed to be.


desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

i almost died of laughter
i read belieedat like a lil white southern girl Bee-didlley-that
you're my favorite and i love your brain and thinking of you being so smart and talented makes me inspired

and MOM i actually don't even like kool-aid
i was the ice tea kid, i can pound that stuff
but i just drank kool aid cuz the kids did and mostly cause it makes me remember
just like when you hear a song it takes you back to a certain memory
and i love you mom for all your help