Sunday, August 1, 2010

the trees they could have saved

all the sudden i began to receive horse illustrated magazines

rachel yells to me, "hey dessss, your horse illustrated finally came in!!!!"
HORSE magazines
i could frankly careless about the creatures
what scam company is getting my address and wasting paper on me?
i made 3 different phone calls and i still didn't get ahold of anyone to get me off this mailing list

i had a dream today (yes i slept in the middle of the day for four hours)
that i was...well now i can't remember
but i was fighting bad guys in a swamp
i've been feeling really hungover everyday,
which really translates to being really tired

i haven't ran in two days
and that nearly kills me

my life is happy
i have lots of good things
and my house is clean and pretty
and i have a great comfort in knowing that with God,
i'm never alone

he once told me, "you love the most, what you sacrifice for"
and i've been thinking about this. deciding how true it is..

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