Thursday, August 19, 2010

i know its cliche, but i cant help but love warhol

gram and i went to SFmoma
it was fabulous
it is a must see

the art made me tingle inside and smile
my grammie barked through the quiet white rooms,
"man, that girl sure looks young to have such saggy boobs!"
gulp. i walk away.

5 turns later, a new artist.
gram says "man, this guy must be really, i mean really, screwed up...this isn't even art."
i nod to the gentleman that looks back
gram says "if i knew i could get paid to make this kind of's just tape and thumb tacks!"
i smile and say, uh huh.

oh how i love that woman

please listen to this song. if you have a moment to rest your eyes.
this is gorgeous.

im ready to fall in love
dear somebody, tell him im ready

make him bearded and poetic
make him with garden wild lilies in his hand
make him with greece in mind
make him dancing to tunes in the car
make him with an abundance of patience & kisses for my forehead
make him with smiles to spare and sturdy feet
make him with flannel and mangoes and a sweet smell
make him with soft sounds and passion in his heart
make him love me too


Anonymous said...

Patience is a virtue

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

you know who made that line up? it was the same guy that says "just be happy"
such advice-
always leaves me rather unsatisfied

but true none the less.

Tiana said...

patience is a terrible word. much like a slap in the face to grumpy singles with love from, all happy couples.

lol patience, ahoy! To infinity and beyond we go Desiree! But please God sooner than infinity...

I'd also like to hug your grandma. She sounds like such a treat!