Monday, August 2, 2010

sit up tall for this

hey mom,
i want a skeleton for xmas
even its a mini sized

i learn off them all day
we touch and wiggle them and close our eyes and name parts
n stuff

fun things i have learned in my studies:

-human bodies weren't ever meant to walk upright (this is why we have back problems—and because were overweight and because we have weak core muscles and because we still in dumb offices all day in crummy chairs, all of which leads to terrible posture and job security for chiropractors)
-the "heart beat" you hear is valves within your heart slamming shut when a chamber gets full of blood (so it doesn't overflow into the next chamber)
-humans are classified as so by a couple of things, one of them being that we are the only animal with screwed up teeth (this is from our unnatural diet) interesting huh? (job security: dentist)
-your appendix does absolutely nothing (except possibly burst and kill you)
-everything important (vital) in/on your body has a duplicate (or walls like in the scrotum to separate one "ball" from another so that if one gets infected—the other has a better chance of being "safe")
-protein shakes are a flippin rich scam (you get plenty of protein in your enriched foods—just drink a glass of milk after your workout, its all you need)
-listen to your body (eat what your body is craving-no not that chocolate-your body will tell you what it needs)
-when you're feeling hungry your usually just dehydrated—drink a glass or two of water then see..

i've become obsessed with watching people walk and diagnosing them, creating a rehab plan to fix them

school is fun
when you're not doing math


Rachel Ruth said...

I am getting you a skeleton for Christmas. Don't you fret.

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

and i love you