Thursday, November 24, 2011


i needed this.

i am thankful this day for the experiences and opportunities in this life to grow.
i am thankful for the chance to change, and improve. to repent.
i am thankful for challenges, taking us out of our comfort zone, so we can become something better.

demand of yourself improvement.

i love so very much the Holy Ghost. that warmth and happiness and love that enfolds me in special moments. i felt that today and i am so grateful to be reminded that God knows and loves each of us.

yesterday, i went for a long run in the gorgeous warmth.
i thought about how terrible my perspective has been. i've been whining and crying to poor tiana and lucy for 2 weeks now. and although i suck it up like superwoman most of my days, i do break down and feel like crap. like human? they get my early morning texts telling them to remind me of a reason to get out of bed. they get the late night texts saying i don't know why..

i determined- on this run- that my goal for december is to not complain. to stop the pity party and so serve others. this specific time in my life is full of a lot of change, big decisions, and growth. i am grateful to have the gospel, and more importantly, the Holy Ghost to guide me through this. I am grateful for my savior, Jesus Christ, who strengthens me and lifts me up each time I fall.

all hard times and challenges can be taken with gratitude if we have the right perspective.
we choose how we react and respond to stimulus, the obstacles that come at us.
How do you respond? How do you react?

choose happiness, then act on it. live it.
i'm trying to.
He never told us this life was going to be easy, but it is worth it.

i am grateful to know this.
happy thanksgiving. tell someone you love em, eh?

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