Friday, November 11, 2011

and this is what i am.

dear world. take it or leave it. i'm the smudge in this light.
messy and imperfect and tragically in love with love.
i walked out of the temple today and cried because i am so thankful to have my body.
my eyes. my mind. my particular family. to have truth and goodness in my life.
i am thankful for music. for my ears. for time to lay and listen.
for the feel of paper, to read. to learn everyday.

i walked up to him and say, "john. sometimes, life throws you a curve ball."
john says, "did you knock it over the fence?"
"i swung and i missed john."
he gets serious, "what did he do to you?"
i pretend to not hear his words. "my table just left me three dollars."
he didn't forget, "they don't even know.
you're worth a trillion dollars."

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mom said...

John is a smart man. My guess? He's older and understands what is important in life.