Friday, November 25, 2011


perhaps this seems so desiree, or ironic, or whatever it may seem.
a couple months ago i was bored at work
so i went around and questioned all my co-workers on
marriage advice

note: most of my co-workers are my age or younger
and most of them are married

here's what they told me (yes ive been carrying this paper around for months..)
scribbled around fett alfredos and chick parms:

-don't hold grudges
-be able to make yourself happy
-keep an eternal perspective (the big picture)
-don't go to other family 1st with your problems
-always acknowledge each other when you/they enter the room
-communicate, real communication often
-be selfless..their happiness first
-follow the commandments
-always celebrate holidays
-sentimental over $$$ gifts
-spontaneous showing of affection
-don't talk about fights with others/talk down about your spouse
-establish good habits
-be willing to compromise
-read the scriptures and pray together

hmm…some of those are more important than others i suppose.
i have my own list.
that will be in days to come.
happy marriage hunting/living

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