Monday, November 7, 2011

im sick in bed.
my sleep is heavy
the weekend was beautiful though: we snuggled and talked for hours, ate thai in the upstairs room of a house, laughed & danced, i cried-he sang along with his guitar, i gasped with a smile at the fresh snow on the pines, ate gingersnap cookies, then played with friends for hours at a cabin in the snow.

there are so many things i don't know.
sunday in church i listened to someone bear their testimony (public sharing their knowledge and thoughts) of Jesus Christ. i thought about my relationship with the savior this past year. i cried remembering the pain i have felt in being single at this time. in being jealous of other women. and the selfish anguish that brought me. i feel so silly for those feelings.
i didn't want to be that woman.
i tried so hard to be strong and endure. and when i sought my savior, and asked for help--- he came to my side. and lifted my burdens.

i couldn't possibly be more happy with this very moment in my life. i don't want it to speed up. i don't want it to slip by. i want to remember the details and hear the crunch of the leaves and feel the warmth of this season.

i am so thankful for the things i have learned so far in life. the hard things that have shaped my mind and memories. that help me to be prepared for today. to enjoy today. i love creating this every day. even if today is just spent watching tangled, and other love movies, in bed.


mom said...

It's not February. What are you doing?

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

it must be february's lil brother..
i don't feel like i'm dying, so this must be just a lil change of season precursor..