Wednesday, November 9, 2011

accept your greatness

i think i found the answer to my last post in this AMAZING interview with Oprah. I know it's really long, but there are soooo many great points she makes. i summarized my notes below. if nothing else, please watch from minute 9 and minute 17... and minute 57…

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i think i was just too young to realize how awesome Oprah is until now. she has such a clear and well structured mind. her communication skills are phenomenal.
she is powerful. she is inspiring. she is humble and strong. she is the kind of woman that changes the world.
i want to develop characteristics she holds.

i love the stress she placed on becoming who YOU individually have the ability to become.
reaching your true and full potential.
the journey of life is finding your personal legend, your purpose, your mission.
this is specific to just you. your talents, your skills, your education, your mind, your opportunities---—using those things to serve others, change the world.
taking time to devote to finding what this purpose is for you.
the space of awareness of yourself and what you can do.

*the "why you are here on earth" is what fuels and shapes what you do everyday. the bigger picture.
*accept your greatness. allow yourself to celebrate YOU. be your authentic self.
believe in yourself and your purpose.

*the world will try to tell us who we are. the world tell us that what everyone
else is doing is better than what we can accomplish. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

*"what we all desire is the fullest, highest expression of ourselves"

*alignment. get people to see the best in themselves. individual empowerment. then contribute to the synergy and alignment of
our relationships, our workplace, our mission, our communities


*All we want is to feel of value. that someone hears us. Do I matter to you? Am I of worth? Do you hear me? Is this going well?
You're ok. Give them that validation.

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Tiana said...

I gotta figure out how to get this woman to give me pep talks each morning,