Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sacred things seem to loose their sacredness when they're not treated as such.

there are a billion reasons why i should be stressed out right now.
but i'm as calm as could be.
my thoughts and feelings are so peaceful. and right. and even.

i couldn't be more thankful to God for my blessings. for Morgan. for a clear mind. for real friends. for a loving family. for the things that i have learned.
when a problem arose today—one that would normally make me cry—i logically got on my knees and prayed.
i didn't know what to pray for exactly, but it was what i needed.
i felt so much relief and faith in God.
there are things i need to do on my end, but I know he will guide me.
i am thankful for that hope in the fulfilling of his promises.

i'm in love. can you tell?

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