Tuesday, July 19, 2011


i'm thinking of this post from a while back. remember it? i have referred to it a couple times these past couple of months. i really ought to print it out. it's a season of change for me. some by choice, some changes by chance. and i am trying to positively open my arms to it all. life is good right? so as i am attempting to redirect (and CONTROL, oh no) and organize the changes i am thinking about establishing some positive goals, ideas, perspectives, and atmospheres. and i like it. i have some great books, some pretty things, and new habits that i would like to form. i have some serious personal goals i want to work on, that will be aided in the next year by these changes i make now. commitment.

i will begin with two things for this next month: twenty minutes of learning italian everyday. and create a vision board/inspiration board/dream board.

i read a blog from time to time called making things happen. i'm pretty into it. all the uplifting talk. pre-game/life pep talks. love it. i stole this excerpt a while back. i've been thinking about these 5 things lately.

1. What 10 things fire you up the most in life? What makes you want to jump out of bed? What makes you feel alive? Your list may be 50 things. Just writingthis list will make you happy. Keep this list visible and keep adding to it. Work to have these things in your life every day.

1 sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ

2 my dreams

3 really delicious food/anything dessert

4 photography-seeing, THE moment, delicious light, smiling behind the camera, the adrenaline, breathtaking visuals

5 babies

6 living the passion

7 chuck palanuik books

8 the EXTRAORDINARY people God has placed in my life

9 cinnamon rolls

10 creating {anything}

2. What five “Essentials” make you feel most whole every day. If you had these five elements in your every day life, you would feel complete. Write them on an index card or a post-it, whatever! Get creative and have them visible all the time.

1 someone to love and be loved by

2 prayer. a relationship with Heavenly Father and His Son (peace, guidance, love, hope, goals, direction, joy, blessings, comfort)

3 a clean home, safe, and filled with warmth (and babies)(and cookies)

4 exercise

5 my work, the things i make/do

3. What is your life’s purpose/goal/mission in one sentence? This isn’t about having the perfect answer to the meaning of life. It’s about defining what is true for you right now. A mentor of mine told me once to take a blank piece of paper and write “My life’s purpose is to….” at the top and keep rewriting that statement until you just know. It might take you 10 pages. Write until that statement is clear, bold and rooted. Write your final statement as big as you can and put it where you can see it all day long. Be accountable to that statement and share it with people you trust. None of this matters if you don’t DO something about it.


4. What is your purpose for 2011 in one word? My purpose in 2011 is to ____. Again, make this visible.

two words: BE LIGHT.

5. Rinse and repeat these exercises often. Again, this isn’t about having the perfect answers. It’s about having the answers that are true to you right now. Your driving force in life will strengthen the more you work to define and redefine it.

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