Sunday, July 10, 2011

so true.

saw this:
'n loved it.
it happens all the time, sadly.
this could be related in so many ways to other aspects of life. it is not always about the size or quality or how expensive something is—life is about what you make of it, the moments you create, your art, your passions. things money can't buy.

i have learned.
happiness in life has more to do with self-disicpline than anything else.

p.s. i hate when my daily blog reads don't write posts consistently. drives me bonkers.
i have been found guilty of this. i've had a change of heart. goodnight sweet things.

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jsdoxey said...

That is sad that people ask that. Clearly the photographer is the key here! I like your take below the picture as well. I agree; there are so many things in life where the circumstance isn't as important as how we make the most of what is going on around us. Happiness is a choice! Love it :)