Monday, July 4, 2011


still bananas.
i have so many thoughts.
i just never have the internet/computer/means to get them on here lately.

the only real complaint about living out of my car/on sweet friends' homes is using my towel more than once…
i didn't know that not everyone uses a fresh, clean, laundry detergent smelling towel everyday

nonetheless, life- it is good.
4th of july in provo is kind of wonderful. everyone is having a ball this weekend, including my tanned shoulders.

i haven't slept well in some time.
i haven't ran in over a week.
but i have learned a lot lately, and wish to share as soon as i get a moment to organize my bananas.
i love you still
san francisco


Kristin said...

Dont you know you use a clean fresh towel everyday because you are from the bay area where towels never dry & it takes an hour to blow dry your hair? People here in the desert don't have that problem. I don't use a new one every day, but pretty close. And I Definately don't share...And you are still welcome to stay here & you can have a towel everyday if you'd like:)

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

haha i love your theory kristin! =] its so true! haha! you're the best! i might call you next week for room & board for a couple nights! love you