Friday, July 15, 2011


tiana started a blog for us girlfriends back at home to rant about our whiny boy problems, shoe problems, and career/lack of babies problems. pretty much just tiana and i have began to contribute but with time—hopefully it will be a good forum. check it if you're into that kind of stuff.

p.s. two days ago my manager at the OG called me aside.
this is never good right?
he proceeds to scold me for a guest complaint.
i thought surely he has me mixed up with someone else. i was good to all my tables today… no one was unhappy…
then it dawned on me the people he was talking about. the 6 BYU freshman that ordered soup (3 refills each) and salad, tipped a dollar each, and were annoyed when i told them that i dont sing for their birthday. they made the effort to call my boss and complain to him—saying that i was not a happy and peppy enough.

my manager said we can't have this. i said, well i'm not. i'm not getting paid to be happy. i'm not going to fake it. i get paid to fill these people with food and pop. i do it nicely, orderly, and exactly as they ordered it.

boy i hate my immediate job.

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