Monday, February 28, 2011

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so i'm taking an aviation course. because i have to. because it counts for my "global citizen" credits. (don't ask me what that means)
it's online.
my midterm paper was about ethics. in the end i was given the opportunity to share my personal ethical code. and i ended up running with it. i compiled pages of notes (that i have stashed in various places of my room) into one grand (possibly incomplete?) mission statement. here is what my last two pages of my paper reads::

My Ethical Code

I am twenty-four years old and have no intention of changing the world.

I do intend to create many things.

Although my heart and mind are filled with many dreams, I do not know what exactly lies ahead of me. I am a photographer and a student of exercise science. I want to help people with my talents and knowledge.

Below is my mission statement, or code of ethics. It is incredibly personal and imperfect, as I am. It has been developed over the past year, and fueled by twenty-four years of experience. Each goal has been carefully pondered and holds meaning to my heart. The following standards are predicated upon my integrity and commitment to live what I believe to be true. I know that I do, and will, fall short. Still, I am determined to live each day to overcome the natural man, create synergy, and inspire belief.

Personal: overcome the natural man

-BE positive

-embrace change

-keep dreaming (live the life you have imagined)

-seek health

-organize time around priorities (the things that matter most)

-leave the past in the past (learn then look forward)

-take the time to truly SHOW love (love is a verb-an action word)

-use soft tones in speech

-love yourself (take time for yourself, live your passions)

-follow the example of the Savior

-be proactive (do it!)

-hear both sides before judging

-seek first the kingdom of God

-find balance in physical, emotional, spiritual, & mental

-accept that you are human, not superwoman


-be an example of faith and hope

-self-mastery (overcome weakness, be empowered to be a little better)

-feed creativity

-find self worth from God & within (not from men/scale/popularity/possessions)

-let go of anything you can not control

Business: create synergy

-have courage to be different

-have clear expectations

-deeply show care for co-workers, employees, clients

-seek other’s opinions, advice, teachings

-make mistakes

-be trustworthy (wise decision making - never do anything to take away from the trust bucket)

-LISTEN to others (real & active listening)

-value differences (respect)

-always strive to learn more

-make decisions for the right reason (not for a profit)

-seek first to understand, then to be understood

-compromise (not your way or my way)

-take responsibility for faults

-teach others

-don’t let fear confine or restrict you

-be approachable, teachable, and humble


Global: inspire belief

-look people in the eye when you speak to them

-inspire others to believe (in themselves, in our God, in their dreams)

-do not speak down to others, do not degrade or intentionally cut down

-appreciate others

-always be open to try new things

-develop effective communication skills

-be forgiving

-protect, care for, defend the innocent

-help someone find happiness

-be selfless in charity and love to others

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