Friday, February 25, 2011

naked cowboy attacks

this is how paranoid i am.
there has been news of some man (wearing only a the naked cowboy, i imagine...) in provo attacking/attempting rape. i heard he followed a girl into her apartment. i don't know the whole story, but my mind is making up all the possible scenarios. as i was coming in around midnight last night. i grabbed my knife before i even turned the car off. i kept the lights on because i think no one would attack me with the lights on for people to notice me. so i quickly unbuckle, prep my knife, collect my belongings, turn off the car, open the door, THEN turn off my lights and casually walk toward the door. i scan the parking lot thinking, he would hide between the cars..then when i get to the staircase—i look over my shoulder and bolt up the stairs as fast as i can thinking someone is definitely going to grab my heels. when i get to the door-- it is a mad scramble to unlock my door. i get the dead bolt done, then i go for the handle part. my knife is falling out of my hand, my heart is racing. i finally get the door open and switch on the light. but i can't get my key out of the door.
im standing there with the door open practically inviting him in! im freaking out trying to jiggle my key loose, finally im pulling with all my might. it comes free. i slam the door shut and lock it as fast as possible.

it was a close call.

this morning as i was coming home from school, my key wouldnt fit in the lock. i had bent the key into an S shape last night. awesome.
and thats how paranoid i am.

i'm so happy i have my knife. next: ninja stars.

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