Saturday, February 26, 2011

follow your compass

remember rachel?
she's my favoritest roommate.
she is one of the most amazing of all women i know. i love her.
she auditioned for Annie and i took her picture.

i have seriously had so much fun lately.
like genuine, child-like fun.
it's the best.

lately i have:
-snowboarded at least once a week (heaven on earth)
-gone bowling (even if i break my nails, i love to bowl)
-played pool (i got better!)
-ice skated (i never knew how awesome it could be!)
-photoshoot in the snow (yeee! bliss)
-took a ski lesson and skied backwards! (this is also way more fun than i thought it would be..)
-played soccer (can't wait for the season to start next week!)
-snow shoed
-danced in the car
-cuddled up in bed with my best friend & popcorn to watch grey's anatomy (best show on the planet!!!! i've only seen 3 episodes and i'm so in love. MOM you would love this show. and Dr Mc Lemme-run-my-hands-through-your-hair DREAMY makes my heart stop)
-hot tubbin

who said living in the snowy climate was boring??

1 comment:

mom said...

I love her hair. This is what I wish mine would do. I might take her picture to the hair stylist.