Thursday, February 10, 2011

we love him, because he loved us first

this was today.
i keep telling you utah is pretty. but really—it is.

i want this image blown up and made into that neat photo wall paper.
and i want floral wallpaper, have i mentioned this? like the kind in my grandma's bathroom.

i'm suppose to be learning about action potentials and the potassium/sodium pump but i just hate it.

i am soon going to post my list of goals (i still working on writing them for now) because i need to reorganize some things. for one, i need to develop more charity. i'm selfish at this.

i also want to be on a regular sleeping schedule. maybe i can get that under control. my dreams/immune system are hating me.

another goal/fun project i began (and want to finish soon) is a sweet album of all my favorite images over the past year. this is already turning out gorgeous.

AND i keep thinking of how i want to spend my tax dollars. i'm pretty sure i'm buying my favorite lens with it. but i kind of want to go to fiji instead. or go on a wild shopping spree. but really it should go into my savings.

this morning the only reason why i woke up from my nap was because i was thinking of the chocolate covered marshmallow on a stick (which i bought the night before with Rach for our b-days). i ate it in my bed. it was kind of amazing.

i keep making POSITIVITY lists in my head.
like lists of all the positive reasons why its good to be single
like lists of all the positive reasons why i'm blessed
like lists of all the positive reasons why i don't want babies

it's kind of working=]

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