Wednesday, February 23, 2011

happy wednesday

my dream.
was a really artistic one. high five to my imagination.

i wish i could photograph it for you all to see.
in my dream, i was in china with stacie lang. we were grocery shopping because it was the end of the world. stacie kept grabbing sour patch kids for meals and i was trying to read chinese labels. my siblings were in the car and i needed to feed them for the next week. it was weird but the chinese market was really cool/erie. i kept panicking trying to find the means to make sandwiches. we were all living out of a van.
then all the sudden i was on top of huge concrete buildings. and in the background one of the buildings was falling apart, crumbling to the ground, and debris was flying in slow motion. a young boy with a stripped shirt was playing with a toy airplane. he raised it high above his head and made soaring sounds. i literally dove for a camera that was laying on the floor. i inched closer and snapped dozens of photos-catching the stormy sky, crumbling building, and stripped shirt. the boy had no idea what was going on. i loved it. it was beautiful.
then i looked down between the buildings (we're still in china), and there was a chinese shirt factory below. THOUSANDS of bright yellow and bright purple shirts were flying by super fast.

and i don't remember the rest.

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