Friday, April 29, 2011

my confession

all this excitement over dear kate's royal wedding reminded me of a comment i made when i was a little girl.
i feel awful to this day for my comment. or maybe now i finally feel awful for this comment because i now understand it.

it was when princess diana died. i was in the living room with my dad.
the announcement came on the news. it was late at night.
and i started cheering.

like my hands in the air.. awful.
im a terrible person.

but i was young. and i truly believed that leaders of every other country aside from the US were our enemies. i really thought that was true.

so naturally, i thought our enemy was killed off.
i thought it was a time of celebration.

terrible. im really just a mean person. my dad got so furious with me.
he yelled at me. and i knew i had done something bad. (like the time i called a boy from school a bastard in the 6th grade, and dad asked, "do you even know what that word means?" .."no.." whoops)

needless to say, im 24 years old and i still feel terrible about cheering the day the sweet princess was killed.

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