Monday, April 4, 2011

happy monday


i've had some SERIOUS addictions lately.
like real bad. like i have to talk myself into desiring other things. think of ice cream cones des. think of unicorns.

addictions (all of these have been real. and real intense):
-girl scout cookies (heaven help me have an addiction to the gym)
-listening to country music
-chocolate/sweets/bread/thai food/indian food/pasta/kneaders OK food in general
-peeing with the door open
-trucks (i almost hit a median cause i was rubber neckin)
-dancing (this is getting out of control)
-playing with my hair (this drives me nuts but still i do it 79.8% of the day)
-cutting class
-cutting fruit (maybe this isnt an addiction..i just enjoy it.)
-waking up every 2 hours to drink from the water glass on my night stand
-tricep exercises
-wedding planning in my head
-praying for sunshine (really just a tan)
-making lists (of places i want to eat when i go home)
-dreaming (of running away with the boy eating strange foods and reading)

ok so maybe it sounds like i'm getting fat..

and i hate addictions.
they're unhealthy.
balance desiree, balance.

recently journaled:
"life has been so different….
i can't wait to go home.
breathe different air….
the sting is gone.
his sounds have faded…
i need a sewing machine.
and a gun."

LIFE IS SOOO good. do i write this every time? it's cause when i stop to think, that's the conclusion i (almost) always come to.

i'm going to go attempt to study the immune system.

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