Sunday, April 17, 2011

ain't it funny how it works

dear men. particularly men in utah. particularly ones that lie to me,

i don't like you much.
you're tricky and crafty. and creative really.
it's almost admirable how imaginative and original your words are.

i'm not 19 any more. and i don't buy it.
good luck with that.

love (always) (cause somehow i will),
yours truly

tonight- i did one of my wild whip lash kind of dips on the dance floor and slammed my head onto the ground… my bad. still running a headache..

today- i played two games of ball and proceeded to snowboard
for my last run of the season.i almost cried a little.

i live for the little moments in your day when life is quiet for just a minute or two. you're alone. your eyes are on something beautiful. you can take one long, deep breath and everything is at peace. it's the best time of day. it's when i say my thank you's to God.

goodnight. i may hate men but life is so good still.

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