Sunday, April 17, 2011

when youre here

i decided to laugh today instead of studying…

im literally hungry all the time lately.
its almost annoying thinking about eating so much.
and all my girl scout cookies are gone. i just mourn.
do i really have to wait a whole year? why didn't i buy a whole crate?
what was i even thinking?? i kind of want to cry over the peanut butter ones…

today i set some new goals in my head. cleared things up. reestablished. i need to write em.

i always heard people complaining about this time in their life. i never really got it. wrote it off as being a whiner. but really- it does suck. it is one of the most unstable and stressful times. not knowing where your life is going to go. not in a stable relationship.
living month to month. having no idea where you might be in 6 months, where you'll work or live. knowing what you want but not sure how youre going to get there at all.

it's been eating at me lately.
this time makes me incredibly thankful for people like this:
family away from family


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