Monday, April 25, 2011

my boring

i had this exact thought today.
turns out happiness is completely in your hands.
your choice man.

someone recently explained to me a great change i could make in my life.
one that i have known of.
one that requires less looking out there and more looking in here.

i am using the next week, month, summer and year/life/infinity to devote myself to more of myself. the real parts. the parts that have passion. the parts that thrive in colors way too saturated but rustic at the same time.

turns out i just won't settle. that could be my number one.
i won't do it. not with myself, not from him, not from any one.
i have expectations. and i will not be lowering them for you or me in this case.
and this makes me feel 1. relief 2. joy 3. hope

look at this sweet photographers perfect engagement. sweet.
and then look at the artist who made my business cards once..i find him funny.

ive been having anxiety thinking about how horrible my diet has been lately. i think that if i post about exactly what i eat (hence me confessing) then maybe just maybe i'll be more inclined to change my ways. i swear. normally im such a good lil health nut.
diet to date:
73% easter candy
7% string cheese (low fat!)
10% cereal (trix, multigrain cherrios, cinn toast crunch)
10% bean and cheese frozen burritos

no joke. throw some stolen olive garden in there every now and then…
HENCE i went for a guilt trip/desired run today.
half a mile into the run it starts pouring rain. i continue.
i see lightning in the distance. i continue.
it hails on me about mile 2. crap.
i got home drenched. but i completed it.
it felt good.
then i did the splits.

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