Saturday, April 2, 2011

im a happy girl

today i have learned some seriously amazing things.
like spontaneous crying kind of learning.

i love the Holy Ghost so very much.

"God gave us families to become what he wants us to become"

i learned more about the man that i'm going to marry. my thoughts consolidated.
and it was wonderful.

i promise to be as open and nonjudgmental as could be in my quest to find this man..
as long as he doesn't wear utah jeans.
add that to my list mom.
the bar just got higher.

have a happy sunday.
mine is going to be utterly amazing!!


mom said...

Boys in utah wear jeans with rinestones on the pockets? ....that's just wrong.

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

yes. agreed.

Miss Lucy Dunn said...

awesome right? did you hear pres monsons talk from preisthood. it needs to be broadcasted to any boy you are interested should get him movin. hah!

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

luce i just listened to it tonight. he's powerful. and spot on! get it TOOOGETHER men! i'll print a billion copies and seal them with red smeared kisses for all my prospects to dwell on!

p.s. i think MAYBE that "jeans" photo is a girl..?
p.p.s. WHAT IIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS that lumpyness on the right side of my BODY?!?!?!?!?!?!!!! thigh fat? left over butt cheek? didn't know where to go? ugggHHHHH.