Sunday, May 1, 2011

the clearing

some days i am completely amazed by the amount of love i am able to feel.
the capacity. it surprises me even.

i absolutely love the people in my life. i love the challenges i have faced. my weaknesses, my flaws, the trials, the heartaches, my imperfections. i'm grateful, really, for all of them. they are the reason why i know God and His Son.
and there is nothing more valuable to me in this life than that knowledge- which drives all that i do and will become.

i have been negative lately in my head. just stress and thoughts and desires to have things that i'm not yet meant to have. and i awoke today with the hope that i would just have a clear mind. that i wouldn't be discouraged. and what a beautiful day it has been thus far.
the sun is shining. im wearing the cutest floral dress and heels.
i had time to meditate quietly for several minutes.
and i am incredibly blessed.

things i am thankful for today::
—my mom, she's just the best. i got to tell a date about her a little the other night and i was reminded how much really really love her and appreciate her
—to be healthy, for my muscles, to not have cancer, to have food and water
—for work that i love with all my heart, the ability to be so passionate about something is such a blessing
—for opportunities to share my love for God with other people
—for long earrings and other things that put a smile on my face
—for the freedom i feel when im dancing
—for really great people in my life (i tell people {dates} about my friends and i always say "oh my best friend…" and i've referred to 4 different people at that point. i don't have a lot of friends, but those close ones that i do have-mean the world to me) for the strangers i meet that make me smile, for the boys that treat me a lady should be treated, for people who serve me unselfishly
—to live comfortably in a safe place (i cried the other day watching the news about the heart goes out to them)
—to be young (for the unique period of life that i seem to want to get out of but i know i should be enjoying a little more)
—for pie (1:30am village inn runs for dark chocolate whipped pie—the reason i live)

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