Friday, August 31, 2012

continually converted.

i had a series of terrible, anxiety ridden, jealousy ridden dreams last night. there were many different scenarios.  and i awoke feeling uneasy.  those bad feelings still lingering.

what a poor way to start a lovely day.
below is the handsome gavin reynolds.
one of pauls younger brothers.  he is a stud.
he is sweet and funny and just good.
he'll be a senior this year.

I have been meaning to document my thoughts on prayer.  Not so much my thoughts perhaps, but tips on how to make them more effective, meaningful, and genuine.

I've collected these tips from others' over the past 9 months:
-keep a prayer journal- write the things you pray for, write before you pray
-challenge yourself to prayers longer than 15 minutes- you must come up with new/genuine things without the same repeated prayer over and over, right?
-pray out loud- this makes a huge difference to me…plus you cant fall asleep if youre talking
-rate your prayers- check in with yourself on how you're doing
-take pauses-  i specifically love this because it gives me the opportunity to feel the spirit, to pray for the things that i need to, to receive inspiration, to hear answers, to be impressed upon, to just let my mind go clear and blank, to feel peace
-be more specific in prayer- use specific names, get into detail
-be real and genuine, speak to Heavenly Father as if he were sitting right there
-show respect and love by using proper words:  thee, thou, thy

what a personal and special opportunity we have to connect with our Father in Heaven.
i am thankful for prayer.
for feeling like i am not alone, ever.
for the peace and comfort and hope i have when i face difficult things.
for the careful, quiet answers that show He hears and loves me.

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