Saturday, August 18, 2012


ive had these amazing brown cords since I was 14-a freshman in high school. at least.
(thats over 10 years!)
they were my favorite pants for years.

with my move, I threw away a huge heap of things that I dont really need or wear. I closed my eyes and gave it all to our local goodwill.
im now at my pants drawer. I threw away all the big girl sizes I once had to wear--committing to never be that size again. I threw away my guachos (sp?) stretchy pants that I held onto for years thinking I would want to wear them when im pregnant. I even had the guts to throw away a pair of old soccer sweats from the hs team.
but now im down to my beloved brown cords.... yes, im wearing them right now. one belt loop is broken from using it to pull over my big girl bottom some years ago.

I just dont know if im ready to part from them...up until today, I havnt worn them in the past couple years... toss em or keep em??

I truly am proud of all the stuff I threw away... paul still thinks im some sort of hoarder...
happy weekend :)
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Tiana said...

don't you dare! Even I remember those pants from high school! They make your butt look amazing you better never let go!

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

lol its embarrassing but i have trouble parting with them! haha….if i dont wear them in the next 12 months, i'll toss them then..

thanks for the pants support T!