Wednesday, August 1, 2012

fresh air

im in the middle of moving. and im being a good girl about throwing crap away.
i swear i am the best mover ever.
im quick and smart with my space and i stay focused.  its going on my resume!

i did realize, as i was driving a car load to the new place, that i enjoy moving.
SF MOMA: 2 weeks ago
i enjoy change.
i find it refreshing
and i love that i start over with everything cleaned out.
i also realized that i have moved quite a bit in my life and that I could probably move anywhere and be happy.

it just dawned on me..
it isn't my actual house, or the things in it that make me happy—
its the atmosphere and feeling i create there.
its the Spirit, and the cleanliness, and the creativity, and the things that go on there that make me feel at home.

i could have this anywhere.

i do love my life, and i love the control i have over my happiness.
this is a win.

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