Wednesday, August 15, 2012

good posture, humility, & confidence are unconsciously attractive

i got out for a long run in my new shoes.
(it hurt.)
i thought about something i read a week ago in a sales book (the psychology of selling by bryan tracy. AMAZING book. for anyone that works-at all. in any field.)
the topic has been on my mind:

You become WHAT YOU SAY to yourself most of the time.
Successful people control their inner dialogue.

this is SO powerful.  because it is true.
People "become" confident when they are told positive things about themselves, right?  Same thing happens when we tell this to ourselves.  We begin to believe it.  It takes root within us.  It makes us more powerful.  We then have the control and ability to shape ourselves into exactly what we want to be.

The book says to wake up each morning, before each client, before each event/speech/task—and tell yourself, "i like myself!" over an over.   I feel rather silly saying that statement, myself.  But i have noticed I say other phrases, like :   I am powerful. (when i run)  I am the expert. (at work) i can do hard things. (when life sucks)
This gives me the inspiration to keep my head up, keep going, and stretch further.
I truly do find that when i speak/think kind things about myself I am more confident and do the necessary things to be successful.

I believe you can change.  I believe you have power and control beyond what you have thus far tapped into.  There is more to your potential.
AND i believe you can reach that by controlling your inner dialogue.
this works not only in sales/career, but it also works in all areas of life.  it is super effective in building healthy relationships, self image, and reaching all types of personal goals.

I have been experimenting-trying to stop negative thoughts i have and replacing them with positive, encouraging, and motivating ones.  I find that i generally am happier.  I have more self discipline.  I feel light.  I feel powerful—like i can accomplish anything i set my heart on.  I then begin to become those things.

with my clients in the gym, i try to get this message across.  i need them to start speaking and thinking strong statements like this.  they need to believe it to become it.
BECAUSE LIFE ISNT EASY, because it is hard to change your habits, because it is really hard to improve your weakness, because it isn't always fun to do the right things—it is most important to use "self-talk" in your favor.

the power is yours to become what you dream of.

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