Wednesday, September 19, 2012

and this is happiness

i really enjoyed this lady's wedding.  so fun. so pretty.

things have been interesting lately.
and i have been busy shooting weddings.  yay!
life has been good.  and i have been learning a lot.
and on airplanes a lot.  i've enjoyed the chance to think.

there is a story in the scriptures that taught me this the other day, and i keep thinking about it :

sometimes in life we reach the place where it seems everything is perfect and right.  a place "full of fruit", the place you have been dreaming of.  this may be the dream job, the house, the "ONE", etc

but the truth is everything changes.  we are not on this earth to find paradise and sit in it all happy go lucky.

God intends to teach us.
to have us become what we need to become.
have us learn how to live, so that we may be with him again.

when we receive those blessings (ie reaching that "dream place") we must not be disappointed that part of life is opposition.  nothing is as golden as everyone wants to make it sound.  and thats ok!  welcome, this is life.  

in the scriptures, the prophet decided at the moment when he realized they could not stay in this fruitful paradise, that he would not murmur against God, that we would continue with a positive and hopeful attitude, and that he would follow the Lords commandments.
and thats what i intend to do.

in this, we will be blessed through all the ups and downs.

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