Monday, September 24, 2012

In the quiet

Two nights ago
It was warm
With a breeze just cool enough
We parked his truck up in the mountains
We had movie popcorn and our favorite drinks
A wes anderson film played in the background and the sky was clear
The glitter of city lights blanketed the valley
I laid my head on his shoulder
I was in love

I was really in love
The leaves were vibrant fall colors
The headlights exposed their hidden beauty this night
I loved to watch the view unfold with each turn

This weekend opened my eyes to a part of me ive missed, my mind is inspired
And im so very excited for all that lies ahead of me

I love my work and i love my family
I love where i live, pizzeria 712, and running
I love the comfort of the mountains
And i love my best friends

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