Wednesday, January 25, 2012


DO what YOU love.

this videographer got me inspired today.
mum sent me a sweet video he does of his wife while shes preggo. super adorable. not only do i wish for her pretty offspring, but also her rad bangs.

i might have to wake up every morning and watch these to remind me to follow my dreams. fulfill my passions. to live. really live.

back to the topic at hand— his other videos cover the passion in individuals lives. you know im all about this.
and as my life has been less than dreamy lately, i needed to hear/see this.

it's hypocritical of me but i have had this thought:
i have little to zero sympathy for people lately. i don't feel bad for you. i don't feel bad because I see that its your choices to get you where you are. stuck in a pickle? i don't care. unChristlike of me??? eh? we have the choice to respond to people/circumstances/life/the weather/our "fate" (does that really exist?) however we want to.

there are somethings in my life that are out of my realm of influence.
like my ex husband getting married.
like the pimples on my face.
like people choosing to believe in Jesus Christ.
like who will see and choose to hire me.
like my hair growing faster.
like winning the lottery.

i can ONLY do what i CAN do.
i do the best. i give what i can. i make the best possible decisions.
i try to have the most open mind frame and Christlike perspective.
i consider all options. i be realistic with myself.
and i do what i can do.

the rest isn't up to me.
and when everyone else decides what they're gunna do…
i'll try to react my best from that point and further.

today i choose to be happy.
i choose to listen to happy music. i choose to take a photo.
i choose to eat fattening food with lucy dunn. i choose to feel pretty in my skin.
i choose to exercise and have a strong body.
today, i choose to live the life I WANT.

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mom said...

The only true way to be happy IS to live the life you want. Now go make it happen.