Tuesday, January 17, 2012

first yourself, then others

resolutions seem to be too black and white. too pass or fail.
this is not realistic as human beings. we mess up.
failure will come sometimes. and thats ok.
pick yourself up and try again. you can do anything for a day.

i've decided to consider my mission statement as i created my goals. i also decided to consider the four key aspects of a being: mind, body, spirit, heart. i decided that i would create my goals, then consider HOW to accomplish them—what route to take. and then incorporate those details (the HOW) into my daily life. just a way to break down goals that could seem overwhelming.
2012 will be a great year.
i can taste it.

MISSION STATEMENT: overcome the natural man. create synergy. inspire belief.

-understand the WHY (ask why, seek to understand things you do not know or believe)
-be positive (less complaining, switch negative thoughts for a positive one)
-learn italian
-be ladylike
-take time to explore books, read more
-diminish gossip, negative thoughts and talk of others
-seek learning opportunities
-consider everything (give all things a chance)

-clean up language
-do the splits
-improve: rock climbing, salsa & west coast dancing, & yoga
-get certified ACSM, Zumba & renew certs
-get a bike (start cycling!)
-half marathon (provo MAY)
-photograph at least 7 weddings (new gear! new website!)
-pay off credit card before June
-shoot film in 2012!
-improve upper back posture (pinch scapulas! incorporate into gym workouts, yoga)
-hike Timp
-cook more often (seek new recipes)
-try something new (and scary)
-running 5 x week (improve distance, 8 mi +)
-see either: grand canyon, yosemite, or yellowstone
-create: do something each day to create, fulfill that need and passion, complete art projects list

-become more Christlike (study his life, his attributes, pray, actively work on it, teach others it)
-consistent in DAILY scripture study (set a time planned on each day, do it even if it is just a couple verses) study: book of mormon, finish the infinite atonement, mark up teaching: no greater call
-be a light!
-pray 2x a day on knees
-temple every 2 weeks
-magnify calling (step outside comfort zone, prepare spiritually, serve diligently, pray for inspiration)
-have courage to share the gospel (bear testimony often!)

-use people's names when communicating
-actively listen to others
-create a home that is positive and full of love, where the Spirit may reside
-give the best of my flock (be selfless, think of others first)
-be realistic in relationships (who you are, who they are, expectations, obstacles..)
-express love often
-be kind and thoughtful in word
-compliment others
-don't finish other's sentences
-don't date projects


Tiana said...

I feel so very lazy after reading this. It's like all the things my mind conjures up to go after but doesn't have the intelligence to put into words.

I'm plagiarizing your goals.

and NOT submitting them to turnitin.com

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

lol youre a genius. steal away. we can work on them together even!

i love you dear lady.
your energy is what i aspire to obtain.
let me run around with you and not faint after half a day.

happy "just do(ing) it"