Monday, January 23, 2012

Pity party for one

Im sitting at my kitchen table
Eating chinese take out
Listening to the clock tick
What seems to be a rather fast tick.
Im burping from my pepsi and wondering if I climbed and ran long enough today to still loose weight after these calories.
I note to myself: no dessert.
Then my mind begins to consider if I should de-friend everyone that has children from my facebook cause I am so sick of daily updates on their bundles of joy.
Then I contemplate how chopsticks were first invented.
Next I thought about how I could nicely tell all the people my age that have babies not to sit and give me pregnancy/baby advice when [if] I ever get pregnant, as if they were now experts.
Finally I decide im not being very Christlike and I want to cry and fall asleep.
The words float through my mind, 'this is but a small moment, this too shall pass'

Life is good.
Im becoming a fake it til you make it professional.
Someone hire me.
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1 comment:

Tiana said...

YES! Finally someone to jump on the bandwagon! I'm the driver though, sorry.

I love your thoughts though, never apologize for well thunked, witty thoughts! It's what keeps us young and fab.