Saturday, January 28, 2012


the dashing will perkins..

it has been days since i've taken a photograph. i don't like that.
i have felt in less control lately. last night i cried to Heavenly Father to make me light.
strange how one real negative thing, floods all sad and painful feelings from the past—to the surface.

today i choose to be lighter. today i choose to be happy.

"forward motion love. this gets you closer to where you want to be. this is part of you winning. tigers blood. don't let it drain you, its time for a second wind. right?"


Tiana said...

I'm feeeeelin that last quote, where's that from??

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

my friend joshua. =]

Anonymous said...

That boy is hot. :)
Love you Des!!!

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

lol rachel is that you ya lil sneak??!