Monday, January 16, 2012

on answers.

"For if ye would harken unto the Spirit which teacheth a man to pray ye would know that ye must pray; for the evil spirit teacheth not a man to pray, but teacheth him that he must not pray."
2 Nephi 32:8

I have recently learned something. An ah-ha! moment.
concerning prayer.

i've heard many people say, "my prayers aren't answered. i ask but i don't hear any answers."
and such things
i pondered this the other day. i have certainly had times in my life where i pleaded in prayer and asked important questions to me. and i too have had times where i have not felt that my prayer was heard, or that i somehow wasn't being given an answer.

scriptures reveal to us that "Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do…" John 14:13 our Heavenly Father will grant unto us that which we ask of Him.

sometimes we miss out on seeing, hearing, and feeling that answer to our prayer when we are not in tune.
And this is what I learned yesterday: The most important aspect of prayer could very well be putting ourselves in a position to hear the answer.
we have to be close to the Spirit to be able to distinguish His promptings, inspiration, His "still small voice".
the answers DO come so subtly. they are quiet. one must make oneself sensitive to His Spirit.

With full confidence I can say that Heavenly Father does answer our prayers. He does guide us and show us the path. He wants us to be happy and receive the blessings he is waiting to bestow upon us. BUT you have to put yourself in the position to receive such answers.

How can we make ourselves more sensitive to the Holy Ghost?
This question should be pondered and considered on an individual level. We all have things in our personal lives that we can change to become more in tune with the Spirit. Some of these things may include:
-scripture study (immediately brings the Spirit!)
-uplifting and clean music, tv shows, movies, language, books
-pray (always! set goals, morning and night on your knees, before meals, etc.)
-strive to develop Christlike attributes (be loving, charitable, kind, forgiving, soft spoken, honest)
-serve others
-follow the commandments, obedience
-repent (seek to change your imperfections, work on your weaknesses)
-love (even those that are most difficult to love!)
-choose to be in places that invite the Spirit and don't take you away from it
-choose to be around people that uplift you and bring you closer to your savior
-listen to hymns & mormon tabernacle choir
-control your thoughts (keep them clean, positive, and dwell on the gospel often)
-acknowledge the ways God has blessed you
-dress appropriately (wearing immodest clothing can quickly take the Spirit away from you and others who view you)
-have images of the savior around your home
-share your testimony of the savior and gospel principles with others
-pray to have the Spirit with you

I know that striving to live a life where you feel God's Spirit more often will bring you joy. Feeling of his presence, his love for you, and his guidance is such a peaceful and warm feeling. When I am in tune with the Spirit, I know that I am doing his will, helping the people that i need to help, and on the right track in my personal life. I am grateful for this Spirit. for the ways that it led me to ask questions about the Mormon church. for the truth that has been revealed to me through it.

I am so very blessed to have this tool and knowledge. I am thankful for this third member of the Godhead to reveal to us Heavenly Father's will. I am grateful that revelation can be received by all who call upon the Lord in prayer.

He does care about all our worries and concerns. He does hear our prayers and he does answer them. We must put ourselves in alignment with his gospel to be in the position to hear though. I invite you to make changes to be happier. to have this warmth in your life.

have a happy tuesday, i'm going to watch a love movie with my dear gentleman.

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