Sunday, November 28, 2010

i think my hair is getting longer..

all thanksgiving—i haven't taken any pictures at all.

thats awful.
i have had the laziest luck lately. procrastinating EVERYTHING
i have zero motivation with school
(please pray for my grades)
AND i haven't ran in three days

i'm pretty sure i just spent the past 4 days head to toe in the Brown home eating all their pumpkin pie and smiling over it all
it's been wonderful

i ooze with projects that i would so rather be doing than studying.

top 5 things i am thankful for:
1 the savior/holy ghost/plan of happiness/ a loving heavenly father
2 family- his/mine/those to come/hugs and kisses/grammies confetti/little girls/warmth
3 passion- the possibility of the most real love/SEEING/overflowing with creativity/old things
4 health-my senses/my freedom
5 costco dried mangoes/pumpkin pie (do not mix)—if you were to grab a tiny slice of heaven and munch on would taste like that

im so proud my thanksgiving rolls weren't an utter disaster.
they were delish!
thanks to the help of jb

i promise i won't blog again until i have something good to say.
oh its gunna be good.
goodnight cow jumping over the moon.

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