Thursday, November 18, 2010

are we there yet?

i sat at this spot.
atop a rock. my favorite blanket wrapped around me. i just sat.
and watched this boy.
i held my camera snuggled in my arms like a baby
i brought it to my eye. rested it on my knees. and i think i even kissed it.
i soaked in the sun
i closed my eyes
and just listened
tears streamed down my cheeks
i could feel it in my heart
or deeper than my heart
and there arn't words that can do it justice
my being overflowing.
the ocean wasn't even big enough for it that day.
i watched him hop from rock to rock
i watched him discover crabs in the cracks
i rested my head on my camera and opened my thoughts.
there are some moments so precious
there are somethings so sacred that they should not be shared. my impressions were of such. i cried in prayer to my heavenly father. i whispered thank yous for my beautiful life, for all the details, for all the people, for all the joy, for the strength, for the creativity, for the peace i feel
the air was salty and my tears warmed my cheeks, coating tracks
i looked at him and thought i've never felt so much gratitude before
i've never felt such a profound desire to make someone happy
and for now, all i can say is this

God really does know us and love us
having a desire and trying to live to have his Spirit with you is the greatest change you can make in your life
he will guide you, he will bless you
and there has never been a sweeter gift

"they say the home is where the heart is"

we're home.
and today,
my home is in salt lake
working in the cold
but my home has never
felt so warm
there is a fireplace and moonlight
and racing hearts
and the smell of autumn
and even with the piercing cold air,
i smile

1 comment:

Tiana said...

YOU, my dear, are gifted and blessed in more ways than you even know. This is beautiful and I couldn't think of a more deserving girl for "The Goodness".
I will read this 47 more times before bed...