Wednesday, November 10, 2010

forgive anyway

"your own memory becomes a videotape within your soul.."

i have been loving THIS sweet smushy song

i decided i want (need?) a video camera. camcorder? what are they called?
i want to make lil movie clips about life.
inspired by THIS sweet smushy wedding video that makes me giddy and squirm in love

videos and photography and creating things for my use and making albums and listening to music and designing weddings and playing with babies and antique shopping and arranging flowers

thats all i want to do. for a living.
whats the movie where the kid says, "IT CAN HAPPEN!"
i don't remember. but maybe just maybe
it can happen
it's happening


hm. well. today i learned that people that forgive are happier.
i wrote: forgiveness-one of those keys to a successful marriage.

"forgiving heals your memory as you change you memory's vision."

"forgive them for they know not what they do." forgive people that arn't even sorry.
don't let negativity rise (and stay) within you
forgiving free's yourself
allows you to feel joy
allows you to feel love

we are commanded to love one another
only forgiveness heals.
-especially, the family-

this wasn't so constructive. i had really wonderful thoughts. but i am distracted because im packing and packing excitement to get on the road. maybe i can write on it again. =)
dear ocean,
i'm coming. i am. see you soon.
i know, i missed you too.

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