Saturday, November 6, 2010

the fireworks in my belly

my sister. kristy.
im coming home next week. yeeeeeee!!

sorry for the lack of blogging. i have been busy resisting the urge to barf.
i'm off to the store to get sprite and pepto. and yes, i still call my mom crying when i am sick.
there's no one like kristy to bring me advil when i'm dying..

i may or may not live.

p.s. if i do die,
at my funeral: i want everyone to eat lindts white chocolate truffles, and wear bright colored clothes and sing hie to kolab and some other favorite hymns and everyone should eat dried mangoes and sip on apple beer. and maybe there should be colorful windmills and a game of bocce ball.
the end

1 comment:

mom said...

oh my little hypochondriac. (you must get that from dads' side of the family). It's called the flu. You're going to make it. Otherwise you'll get no little turkey and mashed potatoe sandwiches. Now THAT should make you want to barf.