Friday, March 13, 2009

the spotless mind

i think somehow you remember your dreams more often, if, while you are awake, you think about wanting to remember them.

this morning i dreamt i was with you.

we were getting away. in a wooded area. you notice the fresh smell. pine trees.
how much cleaner it is away from the congestion of our freeways.

we were at a cottage. it was vintagely cluttered. there was a wire, round birdcage.
faded blue walls, yellow accents. a lady was showing us around. a different white haired, city-rooted, woman was trailing us around the home. she seemed to have a puzzled expression. so i whispered to her, "it is a bed and breakfast." she vanished immediately. i wore a daisy floral skirt. the air was light, the freedom of vacation. we walked down a stoney path, someone was trying to sell us something. i naturally went to grab your hand and remembered to pull it back in time. the bird in the cage was singing. the cottage owner smiled at us and waved.


Alex said...

who was the person in the dream?

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

someone that doesn't deserve to be