Sunday, March 8, 2009

the world is round and thus i am

its a glamorous sunday
im listening to bjork
i got a run in
church in
family in
good friends in

and now i am going to paint tonight
and i have some ideas. im really into the theme of the word create. so in preparation, im going to study my scriptures on create, and not just THE creation, but all references.
and i think i want to paint, but also use charcoal and my watercolor pencils. i think i will buy another canvas later this week too. and i want to use the color yellow.

the word of the week: fulfilling
the thought of the week: dream [how to follow your dreams, how to dream, how to not let the 9-5 diminish your dreams]
the food of the week: peanut butter chocolate covered girl scout cookies
the sound of the week: minus the bear
the toenail polish of the week: pink
the number of miles of the week: 12
the book of the week: the alchemist

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