Friday, March 20, 2009

the nostalgic ways

My friend, and apparent author, Drew Kosel, and I had a super sunny shoot downtown last week. Drew is in the process of publishing an accounting book for this summer. He needed some images to correspond his marketing and such. I am very excited for his accomplishment and enthusiasm toward his work!

to view more of Drew's images click ME

Life has been busy lately. and rewarding.
my body became stress free at the point in which i went to my beloved auto mechanic today.
i went to get a quote on what he would charge to fix my mirror of my new car.
in 2 seconds he popped it into place and replied, 'as good as new'

well lovely.
tears welled up a little when i drove home. and i know that sounds awful girly. and awful menstral of me. but i couldnt help to think that God loves me so much.
while i have been slightly stressed, i am seeing little venues of joy and mercy in the gifts He gives me, even if in the fine detail work of life.
i'm smiling all the day long.

boy one says: my life is missing something
boy two says: i know it sounds cliche, but this too will pass
boy three says: i hope you know that your friendship is invaluable to me
boy four says: you have the best laugh ever and i makes me sad i went a whole year without hearing it
boy five says: you should fold yourself into a pretzel position and go to sleep
boy six says: excuse me miss
boy seven says: double coupon mondays are the worst
boy eight says: color me excited
boy nine says: He'll make everything else fall into place

and to all my dearest friends: i say,
sanity is living outside your head.
happiness is your choice.

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Alex said...

Those are true words girly.