Thursday, January 24, 2013


i am dreaming of this today.
i could almost feel the sunshine on my skin and the warmth enfold me.
it's approximately 25 degrees here in utah today.

as soon as the rain hit my windshield this morning—it froze.
when i stepped out of my car, i fell on my butt.  black ice.
one day, this iceland will thaw. and i will go running.

until then, i am sick. stuffed nose, sore throat, hearty/painful coughs.
but thats life.

today i began oil pulling.
thought it was interesting and wanted to see if i felt any benefits of doing it.
i tried sesame oil.  it tasted like the oil on top of a fresh jar of peanut butter.
i endured until i had a massive cough attack. then i spit it out and dry heaved.

still i'll keep trying it!
click here to find out what oil pulling is.

well life is good.  it is so difficult. but it is good.

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