Monday, January 7, 2013

Post nap love

Today calls for
A list of things i love!

•i love my new down/feather pillow that i just drooled on as i napped

•i love using expensive toilet paper

•i love going to bed with wet hair

•i love hipster film photographers

•i love instagram because i really love to look at pretty things

•i love feeling peace and harmony and security

•i love filtered, clean, ice cold water

•i love having warm feet

•i love the gospel of Jesus Christ of latter day saints

•i love lucy dunn, even if she does live far away

•i love more daylight in my evenings

•i love to spin/cycle without a shirt on (rarely do i get caught)

•i love when someone else serves me dinner

•i love homemade caramels

•i love all white bedding, lace, and shopping for throw pillows

•i love dreaming of travels and adventures

•i love humble people

•and i love negative space


Miss Lucy Dunn said...

awesome picture! and i love you! i feel special to be put on such a nice list. haha

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

=] i miss you a lot luce! i wish we could play and shop and craft and eat and talk and paint and take photos all day long.